Innovation & Technology

We promote territorial Hubs of Innovation and Technologies (HIT) deploying digital transformation to cause a  shift in local structures and seek to secure a new eco-humane entrepreneurial culture.

We mobilise, incentivise and energise the direct participation local agents from the perspective of an “Smart Territorial Specialization”, allowing us to put in place a “Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive” (SSI) transformational process on what exists and what already works in a local area.

We promote hubs of innovation and technologies (HIT) to cause a transformational shift in local structures, and seek a new eco-entrepreneurial culture initially but not exclusively through public resources to allow all local agents and forces to become involved.

Innovation it is about mobilizing and incentivizing local actors from the perspective of “Smart Specialization”, a concept created by the European Union and the OECD, to develop a “Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive” (SSI) growth based on what exists and works in a local area.