Our Means

We have developed innovative holistic concepts and practices such as; Sistema Sapien, New Science, Human Conductivity, Geo-Semantics.

We deploy the architecture of multidimensionality, multi-sensoriality, trans-disciplinarity, multi perspectives to enhance the quality of our relational awareness.

New Science applies Connectivity, Conductivity, Consciousness seeking an organisational transformational process, for the benefit of all,  to co-create new societal relational environment to develop qualitative human empowerment.

We deploy new eco-humane conscious practices aiming at transforming egocentric –ego-market-nomics narratives into new qualitative relational actions as a mean of improving  personal and social responsibility.

We design regenerative production and consumption strategies, from the perspective of human well-being, (wholeness) not the individual purchasing power (fragmentation). New practices that are eco- sustainable, attainable, earth regenerative and socially responsible solutions.

We deploy systemic smart geolocalize innovation territorial strategies, transforming  power relations through inclusive and direct participation.


Ecuanime have acquired the knowledge and experiences from new emerging disciplines such as: epigenetics, neuro-plasticity, neuro-and transpersonal psychology, biology of beliefs and human thinking, quantum energy, fields, human connectivity and conductivity.

Sistema Sapien and New Science, provide us with the scientific foundations to define, conceptualize and advocate that human beings are multidimensional, multi-sensorial, complex, dynamic, open, ever evolving and involved in continuous processes of relational interactions.

Sistema Sapien is an open system of human wisdom, enhancing humanity to establish that everything is possible, nothing is fixed, rigid or predestined, that everything – energy, matter, mind, life – they are all systems that carry living energy, as intertwined, unified, and indivisible.