Conscious Consultancy Coaching

ENERGY, INFORMATION, CONSCIOUSNESS as our key foundations to unlock, transform, co-create, co-evolve and transit into a new  process of ecohumane conscious personal and organisational transformation.

​​We promote individuals, teams, organisations, communities to engage and own their transformations, own personal and collective empowerment, with quality actions. 

We enhance eco-humane entrepreneurial culture, territorial localise social consciousness, we promote international

co-operation, engagement communication strategies, private-public dialogue partnerships, academic and inclusive  communities’ engagement.

Our experienced “conductors” provide personal, executive and organisational coaching.

Ecuanime senior international consultants, are available to conduct specific international business consultancy work, digital transformational processes as well as new organisational developments.

Our top professionals are well experienced international managers in their own rights, they are versatile, skilled, experts in a variety of disciplines. We offer you a multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional and systemic approaches.

We conduct digital transformational consultancy work, leadership and organizational digital coaching and training programs, webinars, conferences in a variety of fundamental issues concerning the transition from exclusive digitization into a participatory and socio-inclusive digital work to develop key practical foundations and shared solutions.

We are professional consultants, experienced human conductors seeking to collaborate and to co-create appropriate shared solutions. We aim to work and establish partnerships with clients, customers, end users and citizens.

We create a safe space to enhance trust, credibility, respect for all parties to engage in dialogues, to secure a shared meaning and collaborate with a clear sense of a digital transformational strategic purpose.

We deploy a reverse peer-to peer pyramid engagement, transforming our respective organizations in an agile and collaborative manner.

We aim at constructing shared responsibilities to establish internal capabilities and intimate knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.


We count with the very best in coaching. Experienced and knowledgeable and fully qualified professionals that have years of practical work and a wealth of engaging in both life, executive and organisational coaching.

We make a direct and immediate impact, you will get to know yourself better, you will increase you level of awareness, consciousness and ultimate wisdom. You can deploy the learnings in private, professional, social, and entrepreneurial environments.