Our Expertise

Worldwide experts in digital transformation, systemic thinking and systemic solutions, in international business development, smart geolocalize territorial innovation.

Digital transformation is not just about technologies. It is a socio-cultural,  mindset organisational transformation.

You can reprogram, get back and control your mind? Can you re-wired your brain?,  Can you transform your beliefs?, your perceptions?, your behaviour?, your attention? your intentions? your actions?.

Can you hack your hacker?

Can you raise your level of Consciousness?


Ecuanime counts with thirty years practical experience in managing international business development in Asia, Central Asia, Arabia, North Africa, Europe (Western, Central, Eastern) and The Americas, added with working experience in digital transformation processes in European corporate environments .

Our company is committed to create public value and serve the public interest in an inclusive manner. We serve business organisations, national, regional and local governments, international institutions, small entrepreneurs, communities, social networks who are seeking practical assistance, guidance and facilitations, to pursue an eco-sustainable and inclusive digital transformational vision.

  • We co-create and design together with you a digital pathway involving a socio-cultural organisational and leadership transformation to fuse strategic digital vision and business performance.

  • Customer, user, citizen experience and digital communication strategy.

  • Socio-digital transformation of your organization to transform, entrust and empower your people in the new online and virtual business world.

  • Deploy the art of analytics and data science to enhance innovation and design system impact evaluation of operations and performance.

  • Design digital business vision, by energizing transformational capabilities of employees with new beliefs systems, new thinking to visualize, new models and generate value added for digital user experience and engagement.

  • Quantum leap forward by intertwining an appropriate digital technology strategy and to synchronise it with your digital transformational strategy.

  • Regulatory governance, risk management and compliance, to protect client’s data, your data, from regulatory or security breach. Make it transparent, accountable, traceable, auditable and collaborative.